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LSD Arabians is the name of a Flemish family-founded stud farm and sports stable.

'LSD' is an acronym that represents the names of the families who founded this farm: Lauwers, Stillaert and De Velder.

The family Lauwers-De Velder has been occasionally breeding pure bred Arabians since 1998, the year they bought their first Arabian mare Dahiya.

During the 2008 World Championships for Young Endurance Horses in Compiègne (France), Julie Lauwers met Maarten Stillaert. Their shared passion for Arabian horses soon sparked an evolution in the breeding program, focusing more on breeding pure-bred Arabians for sport, and for endurance riding in particular.

LSD is also a term used to denominate a training principle for endurance horses that is called “Long Slow Distance”. The two meanings blended and "LSD Arabians" was born.

Our goal is to breed strong purpose bred endurance horses, while acknowledging that they are pure bred Arabians and therefore we always strive to maintain the typical Arabian characteristics in the offspring.

LSD Arabians

Leuvensesteenweg 273
3370 Boutersem

T. +32 (0) 477 308 405
C. +32 (0) 473 55 38 80